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About the program

Get a contribution when you develop a project that creates summer jobs of at least 80 hours for First Nations and Inuit youth.

Not currently accepting project proposals

Projects under the First Nations and Inuit Summer Work Experience Program allow youth to learn about career options and earn an income that may contribute to a university or college education.

Successful proposals:

  • include plans to offer wage subsidies to private sector and non-profit employers so they may hire eligible First Nations and Inuit youth
  • help First Nations and Inuit secondary and post-secondary students obtain summer employment and prepare for entry into the labour market
  • enable First Nations and Inuit youth to earn wages

The proposals will support work experience opportunities for First Nations and Inuit secondary and post-secondary students between May 1 and the beginning of the student’s fall academic term.

Proposals are accepted for each fiscal year.

Funding recipients will determine the wage rate for participants. It must be at or above the applicable provincial or territorial minimum wage.

Who can apply?

  • First Nations and Inuit communities
  • First Nations and Inuit governments
  • First Nations and Inuit organizations
  • Not-for-profit associations
  • Private sector employers

Successful recipients may offer employment opportunities for youth directly or enter into agreements with private sector and non-profit sector employers to access employment opportunities for youth.

Eligible youth participants

Proposals must provide summer employment for First Nations and Inuit secondary and post-secondary students aged 15 to 30 who are ordinarily resident on reserve, in recognized communities or on community lands.

Ordinarily resident on reserve means that eligible youth:

  • live on reserve
  • do not maintain a primary residence off reserve
  • may be temporarily off reserve for the primary purpose of seeking education

How to apply

Applicants must submit detailed proposals for the activities to be undertaken over the course of the agreement.

Proposals must:

  • follow program guidelines
  • be gender-balanced
  • outline the activities that support the program’s objectives
  • demonstrate that the project will provide assistance only to eligible participants
  • provide an estimate of related costs, including those costs shared with partners
  • outline the results to be achieved by the project

The proposed placement must provide a minimum of 80 hours of work per participant

How to apply

Give your application the best chance at approval. AKR Consulting has an 99% approval rating across all Canadian funding programs.

For any inquiry, please call: AKR Consulting Canada at 905-678-6368


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