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About the program

Receive funding for projects from high emitting sectors that will drive the reduction of annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada within the next decade by deploying emission-reduction technology that is near commercial-readiness.

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Foreign costs: 10% limit on the eligible supported costs spent outside of Canada. Any amount in excess of the 10% threshold is considered not eligible.

Eligible activities

  • Generally non-recurring and incremental to the ordinary business activities
  • Research and Development (R&D) activities: Proposals must be within Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 8 or 9 and should support the development of technology in order to accelerate the transfer of technology to a higher readiness level which has the potential to lead to the implementation of a resultant product, process or service:
    • R&D to test the commercial potential of an early TRL concept or findings
    • adoption of research findings for commercial applications that have the potential for market disruption
    • development of current products through the implementation of new technology that will enhance the eligible recipient’s competitive capability
    • development of process improvements which reduces the environmental footprint of current production through the use of new technologies
  • Capital expenditure (CAPEX) activities: Expansion or material improvement of existing industrial or technological processes and/or facilities:
    • increasing manufacturing capacity
    • improving production efficiency through improvements to plant and equipment
    • improving processes to increase efficiency
    • establishing a new production facility which did not previously exist in Canada

Ineligible activities

  • On-going operational activities not specific to the proposed project are not eligible
  • Activities unrelated to the project proposal

Eligible costs

  • Necessary for carrying out the eligible activities and specifically related to the project
  • Must be incurred and paid for by the recipient of SIF funding
  • Must be reasonable and in line with SIF’s costing principles
  • Overhead costs (indirect costs)

Ineligible costs

  • In-kind contribution (for which there is no cash transaction) such as labour, machinery, use of labs/office space is not an eligible cost as all costs need to be incurred and paid for by the recipient
  • Sales and marketing costs, interest expenses, entertainment expenses, donations, fines and penalties, losses on contracts, government taxes.

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