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About the program

Get a repayable contribution of up to $50 million for a project that involves renewable energy, an emerging technology, or grid modernization, and covers up to 10%, 30% and 50% of the project costs for each of these 3 streams, respectively.

The Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways Program (SREPs) is a $964 million program which provides $922 million over four years for smart renewable energy and electrical grid modernization projects. This program will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging the replacement of fossil-fuel generated electricity with renewables that can provide essential grid services while supporting Canada’s equitable transition to an electrified economy.


SREPs can support projects under the following streams:

  • Established Renewables (examples: solar photovoltaic, onshore wind, small hydro)
  • Emerging Technologies (examples: geothermal, energy storage)
  • Grid Modernization (examples: micro-grids, virtual power plants, and hardware/software to enable grid services)

How to apply

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