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About the program

Get matching funds between $10,000 and $50,000 for early-stage activities that will help your company prepare to produce a market-ready content project.

The Ontario Creates Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Fund Concept Definition and Production programs provide IDM content creators with funding for high quality, original interactive digital media content projects that make a positive contribution to the Ontario economy.

  • Concept Definition – support for early-stage activities that will assist the applicant company in moving towards the production of a market-ready content project.
  • Production – support for the creation of a market-ready content project that will be released to end users.


The IDM Fund Production and Concept Definition programs consist of two streams:

  • Interactive Content (Non-Linear)
    • Video Content (Linear)


Successful applicants are eligible to receive a non-refundable contribution of up to 50% of eligible Ontario expenses as follows:

  • Concept Definition
    • Maximum request = $50,000
    • Minimum request = $10,000
  • Production
    • Maximum request = $300,000
    • Minimum request = $25,000


Established Companies must meet one of the following tests:

  • at least 25% of the company’s revenue or 50% of the company’s expenditures over the previous two fiscal years comes from the creation of screen-based content projects;


  • at least 50% of the company’s revenue over the previous two fiscal years comes from eligible publishing activities

How to apply

Give your application the best chance at approval. AKR Consulting has an 99% approval rating across all Canadian funding programs.

For any inquiry, please call: AKR Consulting Canada at 905-678-6368


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