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About the program

Receive up to $10, 000 in funding to cover up to 50% of eligible costs to participate in national and international activities such as market event attendance that will support your market development strategy.

Who can apply?

This program is open to music management companies that are primarily engaged in representing or managing musicians and musical groups.

In addition, music management companies must:

  • Have core business activities that:
    • guide the professional careers of artists in the domestic and international entertainment industry by overseeing their day-to-day business affairs;
    • advise and counsel artists concerning professional matters, long-term plans and strategic decisions which may affect their career; and
    • engage in marketing, promotion and consulting on all facets of an artist’s career.
  • Have minimum annual revenues of $25,000 from core business activities as a music manager;
  • Be managing at least two artists (although exceptions may apply to managers with one artist should the artist’s career be at an advanced, international level);
  • Have a current artist roster that is at least 50% Canadian; and
  • Manage at least one artist with commercial release within the last 24 months.

First–time applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Ontario Music Office (OMO) a minimum of two weeks ahead of the application deadline to discuss their eligibility. Applicants that fail to do so may have their application deemed ineligible/incomplete if eligibility is not clearly established in the application.


Up to 50% towards the cost of eligible activities.

The maximum funding request is $10,000.

How to apply

Give your application the best chance at approval. AKR Consulting has an 99% approval rating across all Canadian funding programs.

For any inquiry, please call: AKR Consulting Canada at 905-678-6368


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