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About the program

Receive up to $75,000 to cover up to 75% of the total project budget to increase the financial viability and overall business growth of your magazine publishing company.

The Ontario Creates Magazine Fund supports the business development of independent Ontario-based magazine publishers. Funds are provided to assist in the growth of these businesses through the creation and implementation of new strategic initiatives that enable publishers to achieve business development and/or marketing objectives. Eligible projects should have clear, objective and measurable results


Successful applicants are eligible to receive up to $75,000, depending on eligible sales revenue, capped at 75% of the total project budget.

To be eligible to apply, the corporation must:

  • be a magazine publisher, publishing at the time of application.
  • derive more than 50% of the Company’s revenue from magazine revenues and related brand extension of the core magazine business (i.e., events, trade shows, website, television properties).
  • be Ontario-based, with its central place of business located in Ontario and pay Ontario corporate taxes.
  • be at least 75% Canadian-owned and -controlled.
  • be incorporated in a Canadian jurisdiction at the time of application submission.
  • be in good standing with Ontario Creates at time of application submission.
  • have a minimum sales revenue of $20,000; and
  • be financially solvent at the time of application.

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