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About the program

Get a wage subsidy of up to $7,500 to create new work-integrated learning opportunities for students in mining-related post-secondary education programs. Gearing Up drives systemic change by aligning post-secondary student skills training with mining industry requirements through employer delivery of work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities.

The program is creating over 2,000 new WIL opportunities, with wage subsidies up to $7,500 available to employers who offer work experience, co-op placements, internships, field placements or applied projects.

Who Benefits from Gearing Up?

Employer Eligibility:

  • Small, medium or large companies and not for profit

organizations that are Canadian-owned or a Canadian

subsidiary and involved in the mining and mineral

exploration sectors are eligible to apply for Gearing Up

wage subsidies.

  • Employers who can demonstrate an increase in WIL

opportunities from the year prior to first participating in

the federal government’s SWP Program (baseline year)

will be eligible for a wage subsidy. Only the incremental

net new WIL placements, over the baseline year, are

eligible for the subsidy.

Employer Benefits:

  • Access to wage subsidies to hire post-secondary students

for high-demand mining occupations.

  • Gain students’ analytical skills and fresh insights into

important projects.

  • Develop a skilled talent pool of new graduates to hire.

Student Eligibility:

  • Registered in a full-time or part-time post-secondary

program in a Canadian post-secondary institution.

  • A Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person with

refugee protection under the law.

  • Legally able to work in Canada according to the laws and

regulations of the province or territory where they live.

  • Studying in fields related to STEM and/or business.

International students are not eligible participants under the

Gearing Up wage subsidy program.

The program encourages participation by underrepresented

groups such as women in science, technology, engineering

and mathematics (STEM), Indigenous peoples, persons

with disabilities, recent immigrants, first-year students and

members of visible minority groups.

Student Benefits:

  • Develops skills and gains real-world work experience.
  • Streamlines the transition to long-term employment in

the mining sector or the pursuit of advanced studies upon


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