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About the program

Get a wage subsidy to cover 50% of the costs of paying a summer student to work 30–40 hours a week for 16 weeks, if you operate a for-profit business.

Not currently accepting applications


An employer may be eligible if it is:

  • a private, public, non-profit organization, or a municipality;
  • incorporated;
  • involved in national, provincial, territorial, municipal or community activities;
  • willing to hire young people from other regions of Canada;
  • conducting activities in both official languages; and
  • stable and financially healthy.

An employer is not eligible if it is:

  • a federal department, federal agency or Crown Corporation; or
  • a provincial or territorial government department.

Note: To enable geographic mobility within the YCWBOL program, priority will be given to employers who hire students who must travel at least 125 km from their permanent residence to their place of work.


How to apply

Give your application the best chance at approval. AKR Consulting has an 99% approval rating across all<u> Canadian funding programs.</u>

For any inquiry, please call: AKR Consulting Canada at 905-678-6368


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