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About the program

Get up to $35,000/year to cover up to 50% of an intern’s salary and employer’s portion of MERCs (for-profit businesses) and up to 90% coverage for not-for-profit organizations.

Who is Eligible?

Businesses, municipalities, Indigenous communities, and not-for-profit organizations located in Northern Ontario that have been in operation for at least one year and have a minimum of one full-time employee.

What Projects are Eligible?

Salaries/wages and employer’s portion of Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERCs) (e.g.: Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, mandatory minimum vacation pay, as per Employment Standards Act) for a limited-term internship position of 52 weeks (with at least 35 hours of work per week) for candidates that:


Are new entrants into the work force, are transitioning to a new career, or the unemployed or underemployed who are entering a new field;

Have not previously participated in a NOHFC-funded internship;

Are at least 18 years of age; and

Reside, and be legally entitled to work, in Canada.

An employer that hires an apprentice under a registered apprenticeship program is eligible for funding provided that all program eligibility criteria are met.


An organization is eligible for two internship positions at a given time.


Colleges, universities and research institutions (as defined by NOHFC) may be eligible for up to up to five research positions, in addition to two regular internship positions.


Only eligible project costs for 52 weeks of work will be reimbursed under this program.


An extended placement period (up to 18 months) will be considered for apprenticeship internships to accommodate any necessary off-site training and/or educational requirements. Only 52 weeks of work are eligible for reimbursement within an extended placement.


An eligible business is potentially eligible for a two-year internship where the intern must complete a minimum number of hours of professional experience (greater than 52 weeks of full-time employment) for a certification, designation, or registered apprenticeship. A separate application for second-year funding is required.

How to apply

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